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Il Giardino di Corten

Who we are

Il Giardino di Corten was born from over 150 years of company history, which spans three different centuries and four generations of the Schneider family.

The beginnings

In one of the smallest municipalities of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Sauris, in the mountainous area of Carnia, Paolo Schneider opens his company for the production of metal walkways for aqueducts, the Officine Meccaniche Schneider. It was 1865.

The passion for working metal becomes a heritage of knowledge and knowledge, the testimony of an art that has been handed down from father to son. And like all things that come from the past, it gives its best when it meets innovation and creativity: in the 1980s, Schneider became the synonym of automatic gates and doors.

From the art of carpentry to design: the passage takes place by crossing the door of that imagined garden, which is Il Giardino di Corten, a place in which to transform precious metals into furnishings and accessories that have the charm of excellence and eternity.

Designing uniqueness

Since 2008, Corten has become the founding core of an original outdoor concept, furnished and enriched with accessories that reflect the lifestyle of those who own them and, at the same time, preserve the philosophy of the Schneider family.

Corten is the primary material of products destined to evolve to give shape to outdoor spaces that become a new home. Even the design, which develops starting from this type of steel, changes to satisfy from time to time the needs of the offer aimed at setting up gardens, houses, dehors, private and public spaces.

The Il Giardino di Corten workshop houses forges, presses, tools, artifacts, projects and continues its creative, engineering and production activity… because the future, to be realized, needs the past and needs to inhabit the places where it originated.

Corten, a passion

Every Il Giardino di Corten project starts with the raw material. In fact, Corten is the basis of all products: its characteristics and the processes to which it is subjected are a fundamental factor for the quality of the final products.

The company carefully chooses the producers of Corten, always guaranteeing the high quality of the metal.

Quality enhanced by a production process that combines know-how and cutting-edge technologies.

Quality and innovation

The quality control department consists of a team of engineers and technicians with in-depth knowledge of processes and products, which strengthens and promotes partnerships with designers and customers. The combined skills of design and research and development allow us to collaborate on customized projects that make the most of the aesthetic, technical qualities and elegance of Corten.

The quality of the material with which Il Giardino di Corten products are built, the control of the process from oxidation to delivery, the execution of all phases of design, engineering, product development and production , make it possible to:

  • always ensure a high level of product quality
  • have customer-oriented production
  • react quickly to market demands

Crafts and art

Creating products that stand the test of time, remaining faithful to their origins, delivering exceptional work while guaranteeing the harmony of all processes: these are the values to which the activity of Il Giardino di Corten is aimed.


Creativity is encouraged because, together with empathy, design and technology, it allows us to grow and shape the imagined future.

Spaces are conceived, places are inhabited: it is this passage to give substance to the work of Il Giardino di Corten. From here, structures, tables, benches, seats, fountains, vases, accessories, fences are born, which celebrate the natural beauty of Corten and renew the attraction towards this material. The execution is the result of a work of high craftsmanship… and craftsmanship, when it is of quality, borders on art.

Returning items

Completely free return within 10 days of delivery. Refund of the purchased item only if returned within 30 days.

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Customer service

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