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Il Giardino di Corten is the brand that has brought out the regenerative capacity of Corten steel, a noble, versatile, durable and sustainable material. Versatile because it transforms according to the climatic conditions, the place where it is exhibited and the creative flair of those who choose it. Sustainable because it requires no maintenance and, at the end of an extremely long cycle of use, totally recyclable.

Corten, natural beauty

It is the materiality, the chromatic variations, the strong personality and the ability to approach other materials with elegance and lightness that make it so appreciated by designers, architects and artists. Corten is a ‘living’ metal, which is not afraid of the elements of nature. On the contrary, it expresses its qualities to the fullest extent outdoors, thanks to the extraordinary ability to protect itself from corrosion. During the oxidation process, which varies from 6 to 12 months, the Corten releases a powder of oxides which stops corrosion and creates a rough and porous surface, which changes its tone over the years until it reaches a refined brown colour. If the surface patina is damaged or scratched, the oxidation process restarts until a new protection is built. The term itself, Corten, represents a synthesis of its properties. In fact, it was born from the meeting of two English expressions, CORrosion resistance, resistance to corrosion, and TENsile strength, tensile strength.

The advantages of Corten

Corten steel can be bent to the needs of design: it combines strength with lightness, obtaining sculptural lines in balance between surprising and discreet volumes that blend with industrial, modern minimal, rustic styles. Corten resists corrosion from atmospheric agents and retains its original appearance intact, made up of refined and unrepeatable colours. Corten is highly versatile: it can be forged, bent, drawn, laser cut to create furniture and accessories with unexpected shapes. Furthermore, it does not require special cleaning and maintenance.

The history of Corten

From military uses – Corten was developed by the US Navy for submarine hulls – the extraordinary structural and aesthetic properties of Corten have made it a protagonist of contemporary design. COR-TEN® steel is a registered trademark, patented in 1933 by the American company United States Steel Corporation. The application in many different sectors – from transport to architecture, from storage to furnishings – is due to its particular chemical composition, which allows for the creation of a layer of surface rust, which does not alter its mechanical characteristics and offers an exceptional weather resistance. If the use of Corten in the field of mechanics, as a protective coating for freight carriages and containers, is due to the duration up to four times higher than steel and carbon, its success in architecture and furnishings is due the possibility of working with reduced thicknesses, which widen the range of use and versatility of this material.


Corten steel is capable of passing through time unscathed, keeping its prestigious, elegant and exclusive appearance intact. But to get to the moment when the ‘maturation’ is complete and the steel becomes stable, you need patience. This is a fundamental element of the oxidation process that Il Giardino di Corten has perfected to guarantee a safe and long-lasting material that does not require maintenance. Depending on the position in which it is installed and the atmospheric conditions to which it is subjected, the Corten could release rust dust for up to twenty-four months. This does not alter the material or the extraordinary aesthetic effect and guarantees, on the contrary, that it remains unchanged for decades. The beauty of Corten is enhanced by a treatment based on natural beeswax, which makes the surface more uniform and pleasant to the touch. This pleasantness can be renewed with a simple passage of beeswax, which Il Giardino di Corten has prepared in a maintenance kit available for sale.

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