Collezione Pio

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With their abstract yet appealing look, Pio chickens add an original, amusing and decorative touch to the garden. Available in three different sizes, they can be used to compose multiple arrangements in any setting.

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They are available in three forms: Pio Pulcino, Pio Gallinella and Pio Gallo, which can be ordered separately, in pairs (Gallinella and Pulcino) or in the complete kit.


Pio Pulcino:
Length: 55 cm
Larghezza: 33 cm
Weight: 2 kg

Pio Gallinella:
Length: 65 cm
Larghezza: 46 cm
Weight: 4 kg

Pio Gallo:
Length: 68 cm
Larghezza: 52 cm
Weight: 4 kg


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