La Stanza Che Non C’è – Sauna

La Stanza Che Non C’è – litterally “The Room That Isn’t There” – in the sauna configuration is a structure that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a Finnish sauna directly in your own garden, in any season and in any weather condition.

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La Stanza Che Non C’è in the sauna version allows you to experience the Nordic tradition in all authenticity: the light brown color of the wood coming from the best selections of Swedish and Finnish plantations – managed in compliance with eco-sustainability – restore a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The basic version – 240×200 cm – is equipped with a fixed glass wall with a central door in the front part. The 240×280 cm configuration accommodates up to 6 people, the 240×360 cm configuration accommodates up to 8 people. Both can also be equipped with glass walls at the rear.

The larger version is equipped with a larger changing room, separated by a tempered glass door and can be customized with chromotherapy systems and additional infrared heating.