Pergola Ariaperta

An architectural element in whole harmony and interaction with nature.

Its structure is inspired from the old-fashioned pergolas, to create an elegantly contemporary situation, in which the air and sunlight circulate freely.

The niches on the columns can accommodate plants that, together with the visual and tactile qualities of Corten steel, create an intimate, natural, and welcoming atmosphere, where to live and share the pleasure of being in the open air.

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Completely made of corten steel, the structure made up of four columns and spaced slatted roof can be used alone, or combined with other identical structures to create a modular composition.

Arranged on the various sides and at different heights, the compartments for housing the plants are equipped with a gradual drainage system to the ground, designed to maintain humidity after watering, avoiding water stagnation around the roots.

DIMENSIONS: 400 x 400 x 280 cm

Upon request, the structure can be customized in size and adaptable to any architectural context or environment.