Fioriera Tebe a Ponte

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Inverted U-shaped harbinger with squared and rigorous lines with an internal system for storing water and gradually releasing it into the ground.

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Bridge-shaped harbinger with squared and rigorous lines. It can be placed to complete fences or perimeter parts, lending itself to different combinations and pairings as it is modular, but it is also suitable for use on its own.

It is ideal for growing plants and small shrubs: thanks to the so-called “overflow hole”, which prevents the water from exceeding a certain level, prevents the rotten plant. When it rains, the excess water is drained through the hole while, when the planter is positioned in the sun, the water inside remains fresh and lasts at least a week thanks to evaporative cooling.


Height: 90.5cm


Depth: 25cm

Weight: 19 kg

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