Set Tebe Pitagora

Planter system

A family of cone-shaped planters in Corten steel available in three different sizes – 40×110 cm, 60×95 cm and 80×80 cm – to satisfy any need for use, setting and composition. The upper volume creates a dynamic contrast with the lightness of the supporting structure.

The inside of the planter is equipped with a system that collects water and maintains the humidity of the earth in the vase, allowing it to be used indoors as well.

The geometry of the supporting structures allows you to freely combine several planters, with a pleasant visual effect of overlapping lines.

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Complete set – Weight: 72 kg

Small Pythagoras: 40 x 110 cm (Weight: 16 kg)

Medium Pythagoras: 60 x 95 cm (Weight: 24 kg)

Great Pythagoras: 80 x 80 cm (Weight: 32 kg)


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