Set Tebe Archimede

<em>Planter system</em>
A pure and essential geometry characterizes this family of cylindrical planters, available in three different diameters and heights – 40×130 cm, 60×110 cm and 80×80 cm – which seem to be suspended on the thin supporting structures. The particular geometry of the supporting structures is designed to allow combinations between different planters to create original compositions in harmony with every space and need.
Thanks to a special system that collects the water and keeps the humidity of the earth in the vase, it is possible to place the planters also indoors.

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<strong>Thebes Archimedes set</strong> – Weight: 72 kg
<strong>Archimede 40, Small</strong>: 40 x 130 cm (Weight: 16 kg)
<strong>Archimede 60, Medium</strong>: 60 x 110 cm (Weight: 24 kg)
<strong>Archimede 80, Grande</strong>: 80 x 80 cm (Weight: 32 kg)


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